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When he can’t get hard: a couple’s guide to erectile dysfunction

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Vaginal itching: home remedies to help stop and prevent it

It’s common to get itchy in and around your vagina, but it can sometimes be unclear what the cause is. Find out here how to stop vaginal itching.

Vaginal thrush: how to spot the symptoms and treat it

Think you might have vaginal thrush? Learn the symptoms, causes and your treatment options – plus how to avoid getting it in the first place.

Heat exhaustion vs heat stroke: signs and treatments

Getting outside on a hot day can trigger heat exhaustion or worse, heatstroke. Here’s how to prevent them, spot the signs and take action if you need ...

Rosacea: how to spot the signs and calm your skin

If you get the right treatment, rosacea needn’t rule your life. Learn about the symptoms, causes and the latest science to help you deal with it.

Sunburn relief: what works plus how to avoid sun damage

Sunburn can be painful and it also increases your risk for certain health conditions. Here we take a look at some of the common myths surrounding sunb...