A day in the life of our Content Executive

30 June 2021 in Company

Name: Rosa Bowden

Job title: Content Executive

Before work, I like to… make myself a delicious healthy breakfast. My favourite is porridge with chopped banana and peanut butter, and a cup of coffee made with oat milk. Knowing I have this morning ritual makes it (slightly) easier to get out of bed.

My role at Healthily is all about… coordinating the self-care content on our website. I look after the day-to-day operations around our content agency, manage the review process of our articles, and test our content on users and document their feedback. I occasionally do a bit of writing of self-care articles.

I wanted to work for Healthily because… I thought it was a great opportunity to grow my skills in a company that is supportive and relevant. Self-care has never been more important.

One thing I’ve learnt about self-care since working here is... it’s not about radically changing your lifestyle – it’s about adding self-care into your daily routine. Whether that’s trying a new recipe for dinner, doing 10 minutes of morning stretches or having a relaxing bath, finding what works for you is the most important thing.

My favourite moment at Healthily so far is... joining the content team full-time and getting to work with talented and passionate people.

The self-care practice I love to do is… yoga. It always makes me feel amazing and gives me the chance to breathe and connect.

My lockdown survival tip is… make space in your week to be creative, whatever that means to you. At the start of lockdown, I made a few short films using just my phone. It brought me so much joy at an otherwise gloomy time.

After work, I like to… put on a podcast and go for a run or a walk. After sitting down at my desk all day, it's always needed.

If I wasn’t a content executive, I’d be... an actor.

Important: Our website provides useful information but is not a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your doctor when making decisions about your health.

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