A day in the life of… our VP of Engineering

26 February 2021 in Company

Gareth Thomas

Job title
VP of Engineering

Before work, I like to… work out. I usually alternate lifting weights with a mix of cardio intervals (rowing, running, cross trainer). With my local gym closed these last few months, I’ve had to get creative.

My role at Healthily is all about… removing obstacles and asking, “Why?”. Ensuring engineers have everything they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, so we can deliver features as quickly as possible. Being the bridge between management and technical and understanding holistically what we need to deliver, so we can plan and resource accordingly. Trying to stay 2 steps ahead!

I wanted to work for Healthily because… I loved the mission and wanted to be part of something that helps people. Since joining, I’ve found that most people who work here share this purpose, which is heartening.

One thing I’ve learnt about self-care since working here is... it needs to go mainstream and 1 billion people is a good start!

My favourite moment at Healthily so far is... not a moment as such, but the great satisfaction I’ve derived from seeing our Engineering Team Lead, Vid, blossom in his new role, leading the backend team in Slovenia. They’re an amazing group of engineers.

The self-care practice I love to do is… exercise.

My lockdown survival tip is… focus more time on a hobby or a skill.

After work, I like to… read a book or do Krav Maga (it depends on the day).

If I wasn’t a VP of Engineering, I’d be a… fighter pilot.

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