How digital can help the pharmaceutical industry reach their customers

11 March 2022 in Tech

Here’s a little known fact: there are only 2 countries in the world that allow the advertising of prescription drugs.

We’re probably all familiar with the wacky world of US TV drug advertisements, which end with a list of side-effects longer than the advert itself. But did you know the other country was the ever-sensible New Zealand?

The near-global prohibition on advertising prescription drugs is undoubtedly sensible, but it does present significant challenges for any pharmaceutical company that wants to expand its market in that area.

The pharmaceutical marketing challenge

There is a way for pharmaceutical companies to reach consumers. The rules allow them to talk to consumers about adherence once they’ve been prescribed a drug. And they are allowed to promote and use direct sales teams to tell healthcare professionals about prescription drugs.

However, COVID-19 put a blocker in the way, so now, the pharmaceutical industry is choosing to adopt a digital consumer-centric mindset that complements its traditionally vigorous product marketing sales model.

How Healthily can help pharma companies?

Healthily can help both over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical companies overcome these marketing challenges with its consumer-centric approach.

We know that whether you’re promoting an over-the-counter or a prescription drug, the approach should be the same. We recommend pharma companies focus on the following.

  • personalisation
  • customer experience
  • multiple channels

The mantra should be ‘the right product, at the right time, for the right user, in the right media.’

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The Healthy ecosystem improves the healthcare experience

Our content expertise, smart condition checkers and smart symptom checking technology can be configured to deliver real value to healthcare professionals and consumers. This means companies play an important part in the overall healthcare experience, not just at the point of sale or prescription.

The approach using content and AI can be used for all conditions, targeting awareness and adherence.

The Healthily app can also be customised so that users track drug-taking and other complementary nutritional, activity, mental health and sleep regimes, linking the pharmaceutical brand to the overall wellness of the consumer.

Case study: Healthily and Walmart Health and Wellness

Multinational retail giant Walmart saw the value of this multi-pronged approach and teamed-up with Healthily to help consumers understand whether they’re more likely to have a cold, flu or COVID-19.

The pilot has seen high conversion rates because the consumer receives information at their point of need. After all, the Healthily mantra is to provide medically safe health information that helps anyone, anywhere decide the best next steps for their health needs.

Case study: Healthily and Numan partnership

Numan, the digital healthcare company for men, has found new customers at low prices by leveraging the Healthily digital health marketing team with great success and market-leading conversion rates.

Case study: Healthily and Merck partnership

The Healthily partnership with Merck has allowed the multinational pharmaceutical company to position itself at the start of a consumer’s journey with its Thyroid Aware campaign.

This website breaches no regulatory guidelines and tells consumers what they need to know about hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid), using Healthily AI technology (to inform users of the probability of having either condition).

The Healthily approach

While the regulatory frameworks won’t soften, the role pharma companies play in informing, alerting and educating consumers can be developed comfortably using the innovative Healthily digital approach.

This approach is formulated using the best AI solutions and products combined with medically verified content created by our content team. Healthily has all the digital credentials needed to jump-start a pharmaceutical company’s content marketing and deliver rich digital experiences.

Future-proofing with customer-first digital innovation

Those businesses that embrace the power of digital innovation and a customer-first business model will succeed in building more effective interactions, deeper loyalty and lasting brand preference.

The key is to understand that the 2 biggest questions consumers want answered are: ‘what do I need to know?’ and ‘what do I need to do next?’

Focus on the user, not the drugs

Despite the squeeze of cost control, regulatory restrictions and global competition, the marketing world of pharma will adapt going forward to focus on the user.

Healthily gives pharma companies a headstart in health management, self-care and prevention allowing them to:

  • build relationships with people suffering from conditions
  • engage with people already using their drugs

By inserting itself throughout the value chain, pharma can build trust and loyalty with consumers and move away from traditional direct sales techniques.

The industry can focus on outcomes, use behavioural insights to target consumers and leverage appropriate channels.

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Important: Our website provides useful information but is not a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your doctor when making decisions about your health.

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