Meet Your.MD’s Leadership Team

21 July 2020 in Company

Trust means you rely on someone else to do the right thing. When you use Your.MD, you’re relying on our team to have put together the safest and best quality product they can achieve.

But you can’t trust someone you don’t know.

Here is a brief introduction to the leadership team building the world’s most personal, safe and reliable health information service for 1 billion people around the globe.

Matteo Berlucchi

First up is Matteo Berlucchi, our co-founder and serial entrepreneur, who has developed a knack of being first to deliver digital innovation in new consumer sectors. Prior to co-founding Your.MD he was the founder and CEO of aNobii, the world’s first ‘social ebook’ platform sold to Sainsbury’s.

Matteo launched the first internet property website in the world, pioneered live streaming on mobile phones with Livestation and partnered with Microsoft to redefine push notifications globally with Skinkers. As a theoretical physicist, he brings scientific rigour to our work and Italian flair.

Prof Dr. Maureen Baker CBE

Prof Dr. Maureen Baker CBE is Your.MD’s Chief Medical Officer and the driving force behind our desire to be a service driven by quality and safety.

Maureen oversees a team of certified general practitioners, consultants and epidemiologists dedicated to constantly improving Your.MD’s medical experience.

She pioneered digital safety as Clinical Director for Patient Safety as the forerunner to NHS Digital. She has also served as Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and was honoured for her services to medicine in the 2004 New Year Honours list.

Andy Bellas

Shaping Your.MD’s place in the world is Andy Bellas, our Chief Strategist. Andy advises company boards on marketing and brand image and is shaping Your.MD’s strategy to be the destination for self-care information and personal health management anywhere in the world.

As co-founder of Hibob, he has revolutionised human resources administration and has a distinguished track record as Strategy Director at Mother, a leading marketing company, and as a partner at Splendid Communications.

Justin Berkovi

Justin Berkovi is Your.MD’s Chief Product Officer. He oversees the product team, shaping and curating meaningful experiences for Your.MD users.

He has a career in product creation spanning more than 20 years, and has headed up product teams at Google, Deutsche Bank and Visa, and founded start-ups (including co-founding the entertainment company Mind Candy), an award-winning agency and the mental health workshop A Better Tomorrow.

Jonathon Carr-Brown

Leading on Your.MD’s quality management system is Jonathon Carr-Brown, Director of Operations.

Jonathon brings a deep knowledge of the health system gained during his time as a speechwriter for the UK’s Secretary of State for Health and as a consultant for health apps around the world.

As the former founder and Managing Director of NHS.UK (NHS Choices), the UK’s largest health information service, he understands the systems and processes required to create high quality and safe health content and services. Jonathon grew NHS.UK from 3 million visits a month to 48 million in 4 years.

Rex Cooper

Inspiring our technical colleagues to bring product features to life and keep our service running 24/7 is Rex Cooper, Your.MD’s Chief Technology Officer.

Rex came to us from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and is used to delivering high quality, patient-safe software in an agile environment. He has also worked with The Guardian, Rated People and Disney.

Nina Sivec

Supporting all the teams and keeping us ahead of fast-moving global digital and clinical regulations is Nina Sivec, our Chief Legal Officer. Nina has 14 years of experience with IT start-ups and specialises in IT, commercial law and compliance.

She has overseen compliance at Outfit7, a global company best known for the creation of the media app and franchise Talking Tom and Friends, as well as one of the highest valued exits in 2017.

Matt West

The core of Your.MD’s service will always be free to the consumer, and Matt West, our Chief Commercial Officer, is dedicated to finding partners that can provide additional services to our millions of users.

Matt has spent more than 20 years creating digital services, specialising in commercial partnerships and new market development. Most recently, he led the expansion of Local Measure into EMEA and prior to that he launched Yahoo! in 13 new markets.

Sarah Lerche

Our financial health is looked after by Sarah Lerche, Chief Financial Officer. Sarah has 25 years of experience in the technology industry, managing financial operations in both private and public organisations. She founded her own company Carzetta, providing financial services to numerous technology companies in Silicon Valley before merging it to co-found Escalon Services.

During her tenure at Mercury Interactive, Sarah developed and built its financial planning and analysis department, which was responsible for all the financial models used for investor guidance, strategic planning and budgeting, acquisitions and future growth. Her time at the company saw it grow from $50 million annual revenue to $700 million.

George Brand

Keeping the show on the road is George Brand, Director of Delivery. George has years of experience building progressive tech platforms for the likes of ASOS, Concrete and MADE.COM.

He’s an expert in agile and lean project implementation which helps Your.MD rapidly deliver high-quality experiences for our users.

David Gross

Leading our digital marketing and web site is David Gross. David has a 20 year track record of digital success as an entrepreneur and as a Board-level consultant and executive. He has built up top performing digital teams and delivered market winning growth engines for several scale ups and large corporations including Canon, Express Newspapers and The Hotel Collection.

Important: Our website provides useful information but is not a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your doctor when making decisions about your health.

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