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31 July 2020 in Company

Our mission

At Your.MD, we take your health and wellbeing seriously. That's why our app, Healthily, is the world's first medically-approved self-care app designed around you.

We've combined responsive artificial intelligence (AI) with medically-approved insights and tools, to deliver accurate and up-to-date information that's matched to your specific needs

The result is a self-care assistant that helps you take the best next steps for your health.

Our mission?

That's simple.

We want to help a billion people find their health through self-care.

The management team

Your.MD's management team brings together award-winning knowledge and experience in medicine, product design, content creation and patient safety to deliver a best-in-class product you can trust.

Creating a safe, current, reliable and personalised product is our priority, and we've put together the highly-skilled and diverse team needed to make this happen.

Here's an overview of the people and expertise in Your.MD's management team.

Matteo Berlucchi

Chief Executive Officer

Matteo Berlucchi is a serial digital entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in launching and scaling online businesses. Passionate about helping people find what they're looking for, Matteo launched the first internet property search website in Europe in 1995. By 2006, he had created the first live news aggregator, followed by the first social discovery platform for books in 2010 and Your.MD in 2015. Matteo is a UBS Global Visionary, Entrepreneur in Residence at ETH Zurich and a regular speaker at international conferences. He has a doctoral degree in theoretical physics and has carried out post-graduate research in virtual reality at Imperial College London. He's a father of three, expert in Italian wines and a self-confessed hypochondriac.

Jonathon Carr-Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathon Carr-Brown has had a diverse career. He was an award-winning senior political and investigative correspondent for The Sunday Times, and a speechwriter for the UK Government's Secretary of State for Health. He went on to become the managing director of NHS Choices (now called, where he helped create and run the UK National Health Service's public-facing health information site. Jonathon has extensive digital start-up experience with companies like ADVault and Locum's Nest, and public policy initiatives like NHS LifeCheck and MyNHS data. In 2014, he was made an honorary teaching fellow at the Institute of Global Health Innovation within the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London.

Andy Bellas

Chief Strategy Officer

Andy Bellas advises company boards on marketing and brand image. As the co-founder of the people management platform Hibob, he revolutionised the field of human resources. Before founding Hibob, Andy was a partner at the award-winning communications agency Splendid Communications and the strategy director at leading marketing company Mother. As Your.MD's chief strategy officer, Andy is focused on making our app, Healthily, the destination for self-care information and personal health management anywhere in the world.

Justin Berkovi

Chief Product Officer

Justin Berkovi is a product leader and founder with a career that spans more than 20 years. He has led product teams at Google, Deutsche Bank and Visa. In 2003, he co-founded the entertainment company Mind Candy and then launched Venlo – an award-winning agency – in 2008. Justin has spoken at product conferences and round table events, and he has mentored industry practitioners. As a strong advocate of mental health, he founded A Better Tomorrow – a workshop for teams. Justin lives in North London, UK, is a fitness fanatic and a father of two.

Matt West

Chief Commercial Officer

Matt West has spent more than 20 years bringing cutting-edge digital products to market. While working at one of the first internet service providers, World Online, Matt delivered new security, mobile, music and video-on-demand services. As the director of content partnerships and expansion markets at Yahoo! (EMEA), he launched and expanded the business’ footprint across 13 countries. Prior to joining Your.MD, Matt was vice president EMEA of Local Measure – a social customer experience platform.

Prof Maureen Baker

Chief Medical Officer

Prof Maureen Baker is the former chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and a national leader in primary care and digital technology. She joined NHS Connecting for Health in 2007 and developed standards for digital clinical safety that have been adopted internationally. As chief medical officer, she ensures that all of Your.MD's doctors are properly trained in clinical safety and that the whole organisation follows clearly-defined clinical assessment processes.

Rex Cooper

Chief Technology Officer

Rex Cooper is a highly-experienced technology leader with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining Your.MD, he was the British Medical Journal's chief technology officer – a role in which he rewrote and revived the company's key digital products. Other previous roles include head of development at The Guardian, and software development manager at Disney. Rex enjoys spending time with his family and keeping fit by playing football or skiing.

David Gross

Chief Growth Officer

David Gross joins us from Canon where he led the digital transformation of its €2bn consumer business across EMEA. He has previously driven growth for several other large corporations (including Express Newspapers and The Hotel Collection) and has built up and exited a digital marketplace business. His pioneering success as a Growth leader is driven by cross functional data-led strategies and an obsessive focus on the customer.

Geraldine Butler-Wright

Chief People and Culture Officer

Geraldine Butler-Wright has created and driven innovative people programmes throughout her extensive career in people and culture. Her previous roles include leading transformative people initiatives at Imperial College London and building people functions in FinTech companies, such as YoyoWallet and PayPal. Geraldine is also an executive coach who enjoys supporting the leaders and founders of tomorrow – both in the workplace and through her advisory role with the global venture capital firm and start-up generator Antler.

Sarah Lerche

Chief Finance Officer

Sarah Lerche has 25 years of experience in the technology industry. In 2010, she founded her own financial services company, Carzetta, before merging it to co-found Escalon Services. Prior to this, Sarah developed and built the financial department of the IT software management company Mercury Interactive. Her time at the company saw its annual revenue grow from US$50 million to US$700 million.

Nina Sivec

Chief Legal Officer

Nina Sivec has 14 years of experience with IT start-ups, and specialises in IT, commercial law and compliance. Over the course of her career, she has overseen compliance at Outfit7 – a global company best known for the creation of the media app and franchise Talking Tom and Friends, as well as one of the highest valued exits in 2017.

Sally Creamer

Head of Marketing

Sally Creamer is a senior marketer with notable experience in the health, wellness and clothing industries. During her career, she has worked with global consumer lifestyle brands such as Martha Stewart, adidas, Tory Burch and lululemon. Sally's cross-functional marketing background spans brand positioning, content creation, international marketing, corporate communications, PR, and retail and partnership development. Originally from Texas, USA, Sally now lives in Surrey, UK with her husband and two cavapoos, and she has a baby girl on the way.

Gareth Thomas

Vice President of Engineering

Gareth Thomas has held senior roles across a variety of industries, including healthcare, insurance and broadcasting. Prior to joining Your.MD, he was the chief technology officer at the insurance start-up Sherpa. Other previous roles include chief information officer at Fuel3D and director of engineering at the pioneering social networking portal aSmallWorld. Gareth also spent 12 years in the US, where he worked in the medical systems industry and founded Mercury Software and Castell Technology.

George Brand

Director of Delivery

George Brand is a progressive delivery leader with over 20 years' experience in driving software development projects. In 2006, he launched an online app store for HP Windows Mobile devices, and he managed the Orange Telecom mobile loyalty programme, Orange Wednesdays, in 2008. He went on to roll out a contactless mobile solution in the US as part of the Microsoft Innovation Outreach Program in 2010. More recently, George has used his expertise in agile and lean implementation to help improve the organisational structure of global brands, such as ASOS and MADE.COM.

Darryl Hubble

Head of Growth

Darryl Hubble is a digital native with seven years of experience across both e-commerce and healthcare. As a digital marketer, his background spans search, display, social, conversion rate optimisation and app marketing. Darryl is passionate about scaling digital solutions that have been created with the goal of solving the world’s most pressing issues, and he's an advocate for sustainability. He has a degree in international business from the University of Hertfordshire, and sits on the university's alumni advisory board. In his spare time, Darryl plays competitive hockey and loves to ski.

Dr Lauretta Ihonor

Head of Content Innovations and Operations

Dr Lauretta Ihonor is a qualified doctor and journalist with more than 10 years' experience in multimedia content creation. She graduated from University College London Medical School with an MBBS and a distinction in clinical practice before working as a junior doctor at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. She went on to retrain as a journalist - gaining a master's degree in international journalism in 2013. As a journalist, she has worked for the BBC, CNN International and Sky News. She also holds a first-class BSc in human genetics and is a certified nutritional medicine practitioner.

Dr Andras Meczner

Head of Clinical Innovations and Operations

Dr Andras Meczner is a paediatrician with a special interest in neonatology. He graduated from Semmelweis University in Hungary and completed his training in Budapest and London. He also has a master’s degree in health policy, planning and financing from the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Tracy Cheung

Operations Manager

Tracy Cheung has over 15 years experience in the communications and creative sector. She managed the operations of the sustainability communications agency, Salterbaxter, during its expansion from the UK into the US. Before joining Salterbaxter, Tracy spent six years working at the Wellcome Trust, where she helped launch its intranet. Tracy is driven by working with great people and for companies with a purpose she can get behind.

Henry Redman

Head of User Experience

Henry Redman began his career in design in his native country, South Africa. After moving to London he spent 10 years working in publishing before turning to user experienced-focused design. Since then, he has worked as a strategic user experience leader at PayPal and Schibsted - roles in which he developed his passion for evolving teams and helping businesses improve their product offering through user-centred methods. Henry thrives on building products that make a difference.

Important: Our website provides useful information but is not a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your doctor when making decisions about your health.

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