Healthily Partnership Promise

05 November 2019 in Company

Healthily strives to offer the best services to its users, hence we continuously monitor our performance and user experience in order to make improvements and offer the level of service users cannot get when visiting traditional primary care.

In order to ensure the same level of commitment on the side of our partners on the OneStop Health™ Service, we encourage our partners to follow our best practice guide when offering their service via OneStop Health™ Platform. We shall carry out random tests of our partner's service in order to achieve the mutual goal of providing advanced primary health care service, and may use professional healthcare auditors to monitor the performance of the service provided. To assure utmost quality, we may provide recommendations. We are confident that by working together and paying attention to our user's needs we are setting a new quality standard of offering the best primary health care.

1. Keeping our word

All companies have general terms and conditions to regulate their relationship with its users, but even the most sophisticated legal wording cannot beat the mere fact of providing the services as promised. We keep our word and do not promise more than we can deliver. When working with our users we strive to treat them as we treat our families, as we want to build trust and reliability. This is the easiest way of ensuring high retention rates.

2. Being accessible

Even with the best service and technology, one cannot eliminate the possibility that things may not always go as as planned. When this happens, it is important that we are accessible to our users, that we do not provide standard ‘do-not respond’ replies or leave them waiting on the line for hours. We have incorporated the methods of verifying our users’ satisfaction within our service. This way, we can actively listen to our users and solve any annoyances in a mutually beneficial way. In general, people understand that things may go wrong and with avoiding one-way communication and denial of responsibility we can achieve the level of respect that will lead our users to come back to our services.

3. Being proactive

We want to be the best and in order to stay at the top of the game we need to learn from our past experiences, change the practices that were not accepted well among our users and be proactive when receiving results of analytical tests and user feedback. This is the only way to constantly ensure the highest quality of our services.

4. Tailoring services to user preferences

We strive to get inside the mind of an average user and in order to do so, we need to make tests, surveys and be constantly on alert to see how the users react to our product. By doing so, we are able to tailor our product to user’s preferences and achieve our goal our goal to establish a gold standard in modern primary health care standards.

Important: Our website provides useful information but is not a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your doctor when making decisions about your health.

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