Roleshare at Healthily

19 October 2021 in Company

Chief People and Culture Officer Geraldine Butler-Wright explains how Healthily's culture is shaped by its employees, and why rolesharing is part of that culture.

What is Heathily’s mission?

To help a billion people find their health through self-care.

What is your philosophy regarding people and culture at Healthily?

Our culture is our shared values and behaviours. We took the time to workshop with all our employees (Healthilies) to define what culture means to us. It’s not just what we believe, or some words in a frame in our office reception area – it’s what we do. Our core values are excellence, trust, openness, helpfulness and belief.

Our culture comes alive in our people and benefits programmes. We care about our Healthilies and want to make sure they feel trusted and have the flexibility to do their best work. Here are a few examples of what we offer in order to support this philosophy (for more details, click here):

  • Home working – asking you to come into the office on certain days every week isn’t who we are. While we’d love to see you from time to time, for team days and events, you get to decide where you work best on a day-to-day basis
  • Unlimited leave – we offer uncapped annual leave for you to use as you see fit. Whether it's the holiday of a lifetime or a day here and there ‘just because’, we know how important rest and relaxation is for your wellbeing
  • Flexible working – whether you’re an early bird or night owl, delivering what you said you would is more important than sticking to a rigid 9-to-5 schedule
  • Enhanced parental leave – to help you focus on what’s most important: your new arrival
  • Flexible benefits and allowances – to support learning and development, health and wellness, social activities and working from home
  • Inclusive policies – to support you at different stages of your life. We’re excited to have just announced our menopause policy, for example

What inspired you to open your latest Head of/VP People role to sharing?

The pandemic taught us the world of work needed to change – and those changes actually worked. At Healthily, we’re always open to trying new things. With roleshare, we get to tap into diverse talents who bring a wide range and depth of experiences and knowledge. What's not to love?

What would you like to gain from the role being shared?

We see it as a massive opportunity to have double the skills and experience in one role. We also see it as a huge benefit to build upon our inclusivity and diversity as an employer.

How are you talking to your leadership and managers about this paradigm shift in hiring?

In reality, it’s not a huge shift in mindset for us. We have a working model in place where we’ve seen the success of part-time roles across the business and in seniority. As a progressive employer, we don’t see the leap to roleshare as particularly revolutionary.

What roleshare requires is some foresight and getting our ducks in a row, which should be a given anyway. It’ll mean thinking carefully about how the skills and experience of the rolesharers complement each other and their team, how the role will be organised, and accountability for objectives and key results etc. We’re confident that such considerations are completely doable and we'll be able to take a roleshare opportunity in our stride.

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