Smart Symptom Checker now available as an API

17 May 2022 in Tech

  • Healthily has launched an API that makes it easy for developers to integrate its medically-verified Smart Symptom Checker (SSC) into their workflow, app or website

  • The AI-powered SSC lets users check their health symptoms, and get tailored health information – with medically-verified best next steps, from self-care to urgent medical attention

  • Benefits to healthcare, business and customers – it can help to triage unnecessary telehealth consultations or put your customer or employee’s health needs first without wasting time

The self-service website will allow developers to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) from Healthily into their existing workflows or create innovative new services leveraging the technology.

The SSC from Healthily is a Class 1 Medical Device offering a solution for any company or organisation that prioritises the health of their customers, patients or staff.

“The self-service portal provides a quick way for our customers to evaluate our technology and work out how to apply it to their environment,” says Matt West, Chief Commercial Officer at Healthily.

Who’s already using the Healthily AI Technology?

Join powerful brands like Walmart and Merck, already using Healthily technology for their tailored needs.

And Healthily is already planning to build on the service by extending the offering to its AI condition checkers and its extensive database of medically-verified content. In April 2022, leading pharmacist Superdrug partnered with Healthily using our trusted content and research to promote their products and brand message.

“Companies that are innovating in digital healthcare, from wellness app developers to health insurance providers have come to realise that AI triage is a critical component in any offering but one that requires significant investment and time to build,” says West.

The waiting list of interested parties includes Telemedicine providers in the UK and the US looking to create efficiencies in user triage and health app publishers who are looking to add a deeper layer of functionality for their users via the SSC.

“By offering access to our technology in this way, customers can quickly build a service prototype without any commercial commitment,” adds Matt West.

Use our flexible API to integrate our Smart Symptom Checker into your organisation's workflow, app or website.

Self-care in your customer's hands

At Healthily, we’re bringing medical knowledge out of the clinic and putting it into the hands of users – your customers.

The SSC underpinned by our Chat API, allows users to start a conversation with any health problem or question they need information on.

They check-in on symptoms and receive tailored health information – with recommended and medically-verified best next steps, whether that’s urgent medical attention or just a spot of self-care.

And as well as allowing them to assess symptoms your customers will be able to find relevant products and services and search for information on healthcare topics.

The symptom checker API helps your customers find solutions

There are unique benefits of the SSC API. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps people assess their symptoms in a human way by distilling mismatched phrases and using intelligent tech to understand what users are trying to say.

Our virtual triage helps people take the best next steps for their health. We don’t diagnose; we offer practical and proactive recommendations to promote self-care.

And most importantly, the database of expert-led content created by specialist health writers and approved by the medical team at Healthily provides advice and information to help users decide on the best solutions.

Why choose the Healthily Smart Symptom Checker API?

  • It is powered by 6 years of unique AI development and medical knowledge. “Healthily takes health seriously. Just like a doctor at med school, we’ve taken time to build our knowledge base, content, and guidance. This isn’t something that’s easy to replicate,” explains Matt West, Chief Commercial Officer at Healthily.

  • It is simple and cost-effective to test. “We’ve done the hard work for you,” says West. “Using our API allows you to test the environment and discover if our SSC is useful for you without overspending or using up precious developer time.”

  • It is tried and tested by millions of users already. Millions are taking control of their health every day with the SSC. Since December 2017, five and a half million users have checked up on their symptoms – and feedback is positive, with comments such as ‘very helpful and easy to use,’ ‘help me decide what to do,’ and ‘easy to use and understand’.

  • Healthily is working to improve and update it so you won't have to. “We don’t stand still and we’re continually improving our technology and safety measures,” adds Matt West.

  • We work to stringent safety and quality standards. "We put quality and user safety at the heart of all we do," says Chief Medical Officer, Prof Maureen Baker CBE (former chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and a national leader in primary care and digital technology) leads our clinical team who are guided by an independent Clinical Advisory Board (CAB).

Helping to support an over-stretched healthcare system

Already suffering under the weight of the pandemic and general cost-cutting – medical professionals and systems are given breathing room by our intelligent tech. Using the SSC API from Healthily provides solutions for you, your company, and your customers – and helps cut unnecessary visits to a doctor or A&E.

The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says an estimated 13 to 27% of Emergency Department visits could be managed by a GP, clinic, or urgent care center. And these are all items that a symptom checker would tell you NOT to go to the emergency room for.

Book a demonstration

If you would like a demonstration or want to talk to an expert about integrating the Healthily Smart Symptom Checker into your organisation, we’re here to help.

Important: Our website provides useful information but is not a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your doctor when making decisions about your health.

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