The new normal: Health apps as a gateway to vital sexual health services

21 May 2020 in

Recent data suggests that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the numbers of people seeking care from health care providers for conditions other than COVID-19. Visits to both emergency rooms and primary care providers have fallen since March.

But as people put a hold on face-to-face care, there’s a clear opportunity for them to experience the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare, particularly chatbots that provide personalised health and treatment information at no cost to the user.

AI chatbots are already a popular choice among people seeking care for conditions they may feel uncomfortable speaking to a doctor about, such as sexual health issues.

And as people increasingly turn to these services, Your.MD can offer a complete solution for people to maintain good sexual health as we embrace a new normal.

360-degree approach to sexual health

Your.MD offers a comprehensive 360-degree approach to sexual health in just 4 steps.

Firstly, we use AI to gain specific insights about the user’s concern. This allows us to provide personalised advice before sharing resources and further information on health concerns that may be causing the issue.

Once this information has been shared, we signpost users to partners who can help them take appropriate action.

For your safety, Your.MD is created by doctors and is registered as a Medical Device Class I with the Medical & Health Registration Authority.

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