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Achieve your company’s digital health objectives with our award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) and media platforms.

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Join Healthily Business today and help your customers take charge of their health. Our clients include employers, marketers, and healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Healthily Media

Advertise with Healthily to reach a highly-targeted and health-conscious audience. We provide engaging content and tools to help our users better understand how to self-care – and your health product or service can reach them at exactly the right time. When users read about their symptoms or check them with our AI chatbot, your company could be part of the solution we offer them. Customers can also visit OneStop Health™, our online marketplace, to find relevant products and services vetted by our doctors.

Healthily for Employees

At Healthily, we provide the information, tools and support every employee needs to take charge of their health. Our Healthily Premium app gives your employees access to telemedicine partners, custom health trackers and video tutorials to help with common conditions like back pain – especially useful for employees working from home. Investing in employee wellbeing has a measurable impact on your company, through reduced absenteeism, higher engagement and enhanced productivity.

Healthily AIMed™

Our award-winning AI symptom checker (the Self-Assessment Tool) helps your clients check their health and decide if they need to see a doctor. It has received the CE Mark and is certified as a Class 1 medical device, and we continue to employ the highest clinical safety standards – which have been independently validated by Imperial College London. We provide application programming interface (API) access to our pioneering technology for businesses who wish to incorporate our AI into their own healthcare or health insurance services.

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Note: Healthily is a trading name of Your.MD.