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Healthily AIMed™, award-winning digital health technology, AI symptom checking, condition assessment and triage

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The Healthily™ Smart Symptom Checker and the Healthily™ Smart Condition Checker act as a digital front door for users, helping them to quickly assess their needs and navigate your services. They can help to: - provide quick assessments, triage and information about possible causes for their reported symptoms - support clinical prioritisation and decision making - capture structured data for the EHR - scale services safely and cost effectively

Healthily Smart Symptom Checker

Our award-winning AI Smart Symptom Checker can empower your users to navigate their own health needs, providing information about possible causes for their reported symptoms.

The Healthily Smart Symptom Checker:

  • provides 24/7 access to AI triage, giving users information to help them decide
  • is cost and time efficient for both users and doctors
  • offers self assessment reports that includes information about reported symptoms and possible causes tailored to each user
  • includes data collection to support clinical booking and decision making
  • features enhanced user prioritisation, ensuring urgent is treated as urgent
  • offers a flexible API to facilitate full and effective integration
  • is created by doctors and uses class-leading safety standards
Healthily Smart Condition Checker

Take a slice of our Smart Symptom Checker and use our AIMed™ to create a bespoke condition checker.

The Healthily Smart Condition Checker:

  • provides education, awareness and reassurance for those with specific conditions
  • is a tool for early detection of conditions
  • helps raise awareness of under diagnosed conditions
  • provides 24/7 access to AI triage, giving users information to help them decide
  • allows for full and effective integration via a flexible API or iframe
Healthily Smart Symptom Checker Web App

Embed the Healthily Smart Symptom Checker web app on your site or app today. It can be quickly and easily implemented to help your customers take charge of their health by:

  • empowering them to use medically safe information about possible causes of their reported symptoms
  • providing best next steps, whether they need urgent medical attention or just a spot of self-care

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Note: Healthily is a trading name of Your.MD.