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6th April, 20201 min read

How to survive staying home with others

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Whether it’s a flatmate, your partner or a family member you’re currently sharing your home with, spending day after day with the same person can quickly take its toll.

If the people you’re stuck at home with are starting to irritate, bore or frustrate you, make sure you do the following 3 things every day to stay sane.

Schedule some time alone every day

It’s true that spending too much time alone can affect your physical and mental health, but research suggests that quality time alone is also vital for wellbeing.

Make time to talk to others

Whether it’s a long video chat or quick phone call, regularly communicating with people who don’t live with you is important. Doing so can help you stay connected and engaged with others, giving you a break from those you live with.

Share how you’re feeling

Poor communication can turn small issues into bigger problems, which can cause ongoing resentment. Over time, this can make sharing the same space as someone else feel impossible. You can prevent this by getting into the habit of talking openly and calmly about how you feel.

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