My Coronavirus The People’s Survey

Share your experience and help stop the spread.

Help the world understand how coronavirus spreads

How do you think you caught coronavirus?

Where were you at the time? Out in public or visiting people at home? At work? Or at a social event?

Imperial College London Department of Primary Care & Public Health and Healthily are conducting a study to understand how Coronavirus is being spread in the community. All your responses will be anonymous. Tick the box below to confirm you’re happy to share your data with our study and partners.

Have you ever had a coronavirus test, experienced symptoms of COVID-19, or received treatment for COVID-19?

My Coronavirus Survey

Thank you for your interest but to keep things simple we only need people who have had a test or treatment for COVID-19. If you want more information about COVID-19 go to Healthily’s COVID-19 hub or if you suspect you might have COVID-19 download our app and use Healthily’s self-assessment tool in our Android or Apple app.

Which of these statements apply to you?

Do you have the contact tracing app?

Why did you have a test?

What type of test did you take to confirm that you have/ had coronavirus?

Approximately when did you have the test?

How long did it take for you to receive your test result?

How did you receive your test result (Please choose one or more)

Did you self-isolate when you were waiting for your test result?

How long did you self-isolate for?

Where did you take your test?

Did you pay for the test?

How convenient for you was it to travel to take your test? (With regards to distance or time taken)

How far would you need to travel if you need to get a test if you wanted one now?

Are you or did you experience any COVID-19 symptoms?

On the whole how severe were your symptoms? 1 is mild and 10 is severe.


Which of the following COVID-19 symptoms did you experience if any? Also, specify the severity of the symptom using the slider next to the symptom (1 is mild and 10 is severe).


How long did these symptoms last?

If you experienced symptoms, did they start before or after you had the test?

Do you think you have long-covid? (Long Covid is a term to describe the effects of COVID-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness)

Where do you think you most likely caught the virus from? (You can pick more than one)

How sure are you about where you caught the virus?

Was the place where you caught the virus well ventilated, for example were the doors and windows open?

Was the person or people you think gave you the virus:

This question focusses on your changes in attitude after contracting the virus towards measures that may reduce the spread of the virus.

Have you been practising the following measures before and after contracting the virus?



Do you think you infected anyone else? If so, how many?

Have you received a COVID-19 vaccine, or have you been contacted about receiving it?

What date did you receive the vaccine?

Have you participated in a COVID-19 vaccine trial?

Would you accept a COVID-19 vaccination if you were offered one?

Please provide some basic information about you.

We cannot use any of this data to identify you and we are not sharing any of it outside of this study.

Thanks for taking part.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions in this survey.

Researchers from Imperial College London are looking to interview around 30 participants (via telephone, Skype, or Microsoft Teams) to learn more about specific themes. Interviews will last 30-45 minutes. Please provide your contact details below if this interests you.

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