Ways to eat more mindfully
Monday, 1 March · 1 min read

Paying more attention while we buy, cook and eat food might help us make healthier choices.

We've all grabbed food on the go or eaten while reading emails, watching TV or helping with homework… but when it comes to eating, multitasking may not be a skill we want to master. It turns out that being unaware of what and how we’re eating could be contributing to obesity rates and other health problems.

So, how can we learn to eat more mindfully?

  1. Start at the supermarket. Don’t go shopping hungry or without a list – you’ll be more likely to add less nutritious items to your shopping basket.

  2. Eat when you’re hungry, but not ravenous – you’re less likely to really enjoy your food if all you can think about is getting something into your stomach.

  3. Be aware. Take a moment to fully consider what you’re about to eat – and as you’re eating, think about the smells, flavours and textures of the food. Practise the same awareness when you’re preparing snacks or cooking a meal.

Quick Quiz
The size of your plate or bowl can’t really affect how much you eat – only willpower. True or false?