How gardening boosts your mental health
Monday, 10 May · 1 min read

Maybe gardening is a hobby you’ve never tried. But, growing and taking care of plants isn’t only good for your physical health, it can improve your mental wellbeing too.

When you garden, you enjoy many physical benefits, including exercise, when you dig, plant, water and rake. You’re exposed to sunlight, which boosts your vitamin D levels, building your bones and immune system.

Then there are the mental and emotional benefits – studies suggest that gardening can lead to less anxiety and depression and more life satisfaction.

And if you garden with family members or friends, or try community gardening, this social contact can make you feel less isolated and more connected, which can lower your stress levels.

If you can’t join a community garden or don’t have a garden of your own, try looking after houseplants or growing flowers, herbs or vegetables on your windowsill.

A small study even suggests that gardening may help you grow a more positive body image.

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