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Celebrating Diwali this weekend? Here are 6 tips to stay healthy
Wednesday, 11 November · 2 min read

Celebrations for Diwali are filled with feasts, dancing and fireworks — but it's important to stay healthy and safe during the festivities.

It's easy to overeat with so much food on offer, for example, but it's possible to enjoy everything the feasting has to offer while also taking care of your health.

It just involves making simple tweaks to how you celebrate. You can:

  • swap or limit fried foods like samosas and murukku, which are high in fat, for foods that are high in fibre and keep you feeling fuller for longer, such as lentils and chickpeas
  • cook with healthier ingredients — use vegetable oil instead of ghee and spices and herbs to flavour meals instead of salt
  • plan your meals in advance to reduce the risk of making too much food and eating more than you need to. Try to also keep portion sizes small
  • make your own Diwali sweets — laddoo (laddu), halwa and barfi can all be made at home with less sugar than store-bought sweets
  • limit how much alcohol you drink — drink water between each alcoholic drink and make drinks with a lower alcohol content, for example, by adding soda water
  • stay active to burn calories and help regulate your blood sugar levels. Try to keep your fitness routine going or arrange activities, such as dancing or walks outside

You should also take extra care with fireworks if you're around them during Diwali.

To stay safe, watch fireworks from a distance. If you’re lighting fireworks or firecrackers at home, light them from a distance to avoid accidents or burns, and follow any instructions.

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The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.

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