Try these cooling tips for better sleep
Wednesday, 12 May · 2 min read

Staring at the ceiling, counting herds of sheep – it’s never fun when you can’t sleep.

A bad night in bed can make us grumpy, but struggling with poor sleep too often may lead to depression and anxiety.

Wondering how you can get better shut-eye and boost your mood in the process? Studies suggest a cooler bedroom can help improve the quality of your sleep.

Aim for a temperature between 15C and 20C – this can lead to more deep sleep (the sleep stage that helps your body recover), making you feel more alert the next morning.

Try these extra tips to stay cool throughout the night:

  • if it’s a very hot day, keep your windows shut and pull down your shades or close your curtains. When it’s cooler, open your windows to air your room out
  • use a fan or air conditioning
  • wear loose cotton pyjamas and use a breathable mattress and light linen
  • have a warm bath an hour or so before bedtime to encourage a natural cool-down effect

Did you know, you can use the Healthily app to track your sleep? Go to ‘My account’ then 'My trackers' and choose ‘Sleep length’ and ‘Sleep quality’.

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