Worried about travelling away from home? 8 points to keep in mind
Wednesday, 12 August · 2 min read

You may be craving a change of scenery after months of staying at home.

Whether this involves train or air travel abroad or simply a drive to another part of the country, you'll still need to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Experts say you should continue to wash your hands regularly, stay a safe distance from others and wear a face mask indoors.

But when going to a new city or country, public health expert Professor Sian Griffiths shares these extra words of advice:

  • plan your food and drink for travel — many airlines and train services are no longer providing these
  • think about your comfort breaks — places you usually take a break may no longer be open or have restrictions in place. Also try to limit stops
  • check the rules in your new destination — for example, in some cities you have to wear face masks inside and outside
  • check if you need to quarantine — either when you get there or once you come home
  • eat outdoors when you can — but remember your mask, in case the toilets or other facilities are indoors
  • visit the beach or a pool already wearing your swimwear — to avoid using changing rooms
  • if you’re worried about how clean your hotel room is, speak to the management — rooms and homes should be deep cleaned between customers
  • check infection rates where you’re headed
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