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Should you sleep with the heating on or off?
Thursday, 12 November · 2 min read

As nights get colder, you may be tempted to keep the heating on to keep your bedroom warm and cosy. But it may affect how well you sleep.

Bill Fish at the Sleep Foundation says, “it isn’t necessarily ‘bad’ to sleep with the heating on, but it’s most natural for our bodies to sleep at a temperature of around 18.3C."

"If having the heating on makes the bedroom too hot, it can cause problems for sleep,” he says.

This is because your body temperature needs to drop slightly for you to fall and stay asleep — so you should also make sure you don’t feel too hot under the covers or duvet.

“If the heating is on and your covers are heavy it can make you too hot for sleep,” says Fish.

But some people feel a sense of comfort when sleeping with blankets on top of them during the colder month, he explains. If the room temperature is too high, you wouldn’t need blankets, so you might not have the same feeling of security and comfort necessary to help you drift off.

If you prefer to have the heating on, many sleep experts recommend setting the thermostat between 15.6 and 19.4C.

You could also try to keep your bedroom temperature cooler than the rest of the house so that your body temperature can fall more easily to help prepare you for sleep.

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