How much fruit and veg should you be eating every day?
Thursday, 13 August · 1 min read

Eating fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet can help you to stay healthy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating 400g of fruit and vegetables every day — around 5 portions (with 1 portion being 80g).

This is to help protect against common health problems like heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer.

Other benefits include:

  • improving your gut health and the way you digest food
  • boosting your immune system
  • maintaining a healthy weight — as fruit and vegetables are normally low in fat and calories

It's important to include a variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet to make sure you get the different nutrients your body needs.

And eating 5 portions a day isn't as hard as it sounds — 1 banana or apple counts as 1 portion and 4 heaped tablespoons of cooked spinach is another.

Tinned or frozen options of either fruit or vegetables also count. However, try to eat those tinned in natural juices or water and not syrup.

Quote of the day

Let the fresh fruits and vegetables be your guide, and make something that will keep for the whole week.

Marcus Samuelsson, chef

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