How to stay cool while wearing a face mask
Saturday, 15 August · 2 min read

Wearing a face mask can feel uncomfortable when the weather is hot and humid.

But it's important to do so in public — no matter how high temperatures get. If you're heading outside this weekend and dreading the thought of wearing a face mask, here are 5 ways to stay cool:

  • wear a mask made from a breathable fabric like cotton when you do go out — this should make the mask more comfortable and make you less likely to touch your face
  • wear a mask that fits comfortably — you may prefer ties to elastic straps
  • carry water with you to stay hydrated
  • avoid going out at the hottest times of the day (between 11am and 3pm)
  • limit the amount of time you spend outdoors, especially on very hot days

Don’t be tempted to wet your mask to cool it down. A wet mask may be less effective at trapping virus particles and allowing air to flow properly.

If you ever feel dizzy or faint while wearing your mask, it’s important to get out of the heat as soon as you can and look out for any signs of heat-related illness.

Quote of the day

When all of us wear masks, we protect each other.

Cameron R Wolfe, infectious disease specialist

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