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7 ways to avoid dry skin this winter
Friday, 16 October · 2 min read

Cold weather can often harm or damage your skin as the combination of cold, dry air outside and central heating inside can cause your skin to dry out.

This is because greater exposure to cold and/or dry air reduces the moisture in your skin, leaving it dry or flaky, cracked, itchy or sore.

People with skin conditions like eczema may also find their symptoms get worse during winter as a result of dry skin, sometimes known as ‘winter itch’.

But a few simple changes to your daily skincare routine can help to keep your skin soft and hydrated. So if you've noticed your skin drying out, try to:

  1. Keep your baths and showers short and use warm (not hot) water
    Spend no more than 10 minutes in the shower or bath as water can dry out your skin. Use warm water, as hot water can further strip away some of your skin’s natural oils, leaving it more dry and itchy.
  2. Moisturise while your skin is still damp
    Aim to moisturise immediately after a bath or shower and after washing your hands. This can help lock in the moisture.
  3. Use unscented or fragrance-free creams and ointments instead of lotions and soaps
    Products that contain alcohol or chemical fragrances can irritate dry skin and remove some of its natural oils, drying it out further.
  4. Wear clothes made from natural fabrics
    Stick to wearing natural fabrics like cotton against your skin. Fabrics like wool can irritate dry skin, so it’s best to wear these as an outer layer, if necessary, on cold days.
  5. Use a humidifier
    Using a humidifier in your home adds moisture to the air.
  6. Avoid turning the central heating up
    This can further dry out the air inside your home. Dress in layers and stay active to stay warm instead.
  7. Wear gloves when you go outside
    Apply a non-greasy moisturiser before putting your gloves on as this will help lock in moisture.
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