A fun way to give your brain a workout
Wednesday, 17 February · 1 min read

Research suggests there are many ways to help boost memory, concentration and focus. Try a game to flex your brain muscle.

Dust off a jigsaw
Recognising common colours, shapes and patterns of puzzle pieces is a good workout for your brain. A study has shown that doing jigsaw puzzles can help improve your perception, memory and reasoning.

Play an online game
Brain-training apps are developed to test and challenge your mental reasoning through action, puzzle and strategy games. One study shows that these types of games may be good for brain functions like memory and processing speed. Examples of brain-training apps include Elevate and Peak.

Solve a problem
Whether you’re into crosswords or sudoku, solving these types of puzzles causes a release of dopamine – the ‘feel-good’ chemical messenger that helps regulate mood, memory and focus.

Quick Quiz
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