Are you getting enough iron in your diet?
Tuesday, 18 August · 1 min read

Iron is an important mineral that your body needs to make red blood cells. These cells store and carry oxygen around your body.

It also helps keep your immune system healthy.

If your iron levels are low, you're at risk of developing iron-deficiency anaemia, which can cause symptoms like tiredness, shortness of breath and pale skin.

But you should be able to get all the iron you need by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

It's recommended that men get 8.7mg of iron in their diet per day, while women should get 14.8mg.

Good sources of iron incude:

  • beans
  • dark-green leafy vegetables, such as kale
  • tofu
  • nuts
  • wholegrains

Try to include food or drinks that are high in vitamin C with your meals, as this helps your body to absorb iron.

You should also try to avoid caffeine around meal times. Studies suggest that consuming caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee before, during or after a meal can reduce iron absorption. To prevent this, leave a 1-hour gap between drinking caffeine and eating.

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