Picked up bad habits during lockdown? You’re not alone
Wednesday, 20 May · 2 min read

If you picked up bad habits to help you beat stress or boredom during lockdown, new data shows that you’re far from alone.

In our recent survey with data company YouGov, we found that 4 in 5 people in the UK developed unhealthy habits during lockdown, including:

  • smoking
  • a poor diet
  • becoming less active
  • staying up late

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, two-thirds also said they have no plans to give up these habits. This may be because they find them comforting.

But people also reported taking a greater interest in their mental health, with 45% of the people surveyed saying they have taken extra steps to look after their mental health during lockdown. This includes:

  • seeking WhatsApp group advice (14%)
  • following YouTube videos (8%)
  • using smartphone apps (10%)

Experts believe bad lockdown habits will take a while to shake off, so it’s worth thinking about the ones you’ve adopted and how you might slowly be able to break them -- and make good habits stick.

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Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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