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One simple rule to put the fun back into video calls this holiday season
Monday, 21 December · 1 min read

This holiday season will undoubtedly be one of the strangest ever. If you’re used to celebrating with family and friends, but will be doing things virtually this year, the thought of being physically alone or hosting endless video calls may fill you with dread.

It’s thought that after months of social distancing, many of us now have ‘Zoom fatigue'. It happens because there’s nothing natural about staring at a screen full of faces for hours on end. We generally don’t talk to each other so intensely in real life.

So, to make things more natural, try doing what you might normally be doing when chatting to a friend visiting your house. If you’d normally chat while cooking, do that. Approach the call like you would when hanging out with someone in real life.

Make the video call about sharing time without the pressure of keeping the flow of conversation going. You could even have it running in the background while you go about your day – just popping in to share a comment or say hello when you feel the need (it’s free, after all).

Quote of the day

There’s only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s who we spend it on.

Leo Christopher, Author

Tips for making video calls easier
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