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Dealing with more coronavirus restrictions? Here’s how to stay positive
Wednesday, 21 October · 2 min read

Many countries are tightening restrictions again around socialising, work locations and travel as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

If you live somewhere where this is happening, you might be wondering how to cope in the coming weeks or months.

Stephen Buckley, Head of Information at mental health charity Mind, says it's perfectly normal that changing restrictions may make you feel worried and unclear.

“It’s alright to feel anxious in uncertain times, especially if you’re worried about things like your health, finances and job security,” he says.

But he adds that self-care techniques are important during periods like these to help boost your mental wellbeing. You could try:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • journaling to keep an eye on your mood — and what improves it
  • improving your diet
  • doing more exercise
  • getting out into nature if you can

Connecting with others can also help maintain your wellbeing, Buckley says. You may feel lonely — especially if you can no longer see loved ones for special days or events.

You may also feel guilty if you have more freedoms than some of your loved ones.

Buckley suggests scheduling regular catch-ups with family and friends over the phone or by video call. If video calls and social media aren’t for you, you could try sending letters and postcards.

Talking to someone you trust can help if you’re feeling anxious. You could also join an online peer support group to discuss how you feel with others in similar situations, he says.

But if you’ve noticed changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour that impact your daily life, last 2 weeks or longer, or keep returning, it may be helpful to speak to a doctor.

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