Try citrus fruits for a surprising benefit
Monday, 22 February · 1 min read

You may already know that citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C and that vitamin C may help strengthen your immune system.

But besides being rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits are also high in fibre, so they may help improve your digestive health, too. An orange can provide 3.7g of fibre – just over 10% of your recommended daily fibre intake of 30g.

Wake up your taste buds while boosting your vitamin C and fibre intake with these tangy citrus fruits:

  • 1 orange (154g) contains 3.7g of fibre
  • 1 grapefruit (308g) contains 4.93g of fibre
  • 1 lemon (65g) contains 1.82g of fibre
  • 1 lime (65g) contains 1.82g of fibre

Snacking on an orange or grapefruit is easy, but lemons and limes are trickier – try adding them peeled to your smoothie.

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Vitamin C is found in non-citrus fruits and in vegetables too.