How to make exercise more enjoyable
Tuesday, 23 March · 1 min read

Finding it hard to stay motivated and bored of working out on your own? Exercising with other people could help.

Experts suggest that working out with a partner might make you feel more motivated, be more adventurous and be more consistent with your workouts.

So, why not find yourself a workout buddy?

Make some calls to see if any of your friends would be up for joining you for a run or outdoor HIIT workout in the local park.

If you and your workout buddy still find it hard to stay motivated, you could give online group fitness classes a try. Take your virtual trainer outdoors and reap the double benefits of an expert-led workout in nature.

Did you know, you can use the Healthily app to track your activity levels? Once you've downloaded the app, go to 'Settings' then 'My trackers' and choose 'Activity levels' and 'Exercises'.

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