An easy massage to help you unwind
Thursday, 25 February · 1 min read

What do you do to relax at the end of the day? Here’s an idea you can try: an easy foot massage.

If you’ve had a massage before, you’ll know it involves moving the muscles and other soft tissues of your body. It can help the body relax, slowing down breathing and heart rate. By helping muscles relax, it can also reduce pain. Studies suggest that massage can improve sleep, too.

It’s easy to give yourself a massage at home. Try this easy foot ‘arch rub’:

  1. Put your foot in your hand, holding the top of your foot.

  2. Use the fingers of your other hand to rub the arch of your foot.

  3. Rub from your heel to the ball of the foot.

  4. Do this a few times before repeating with the other foot.

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