Not a fan of yoga? Try tai chi
Tuesday, 25 May · 2 min read

There’s no doubt that yoga is great for improving your strength, balance and flexibility, not to mention it may help you sleep better.

But if hanging around in ‘downward dog’ pose isn’t for you, there’s another way to add gentle exercise into your life: tai chi, an ancient Chinese tradition.

Like yoga, it focuses on the mind-body connection and involves a series of slow and focused movements, alongside deep breathing. It’s a mix of martial arts, meditation and dance-like movements.

But unlike some types of yoga that involve holding poses, in tai chi, each posture flows into the next and your body is always active. This makes it great for improving your fitness and health. Tai chi is also good for people of all ages because it’s gentle on the muscles and joints. You can also do it indoors or outdoors, in groups or alone.

Some studies suggest tai chi may even offer health benefits, including:

  • fighting stress, anxiety and depression
  • helping you sleep better
  • lowering blood pressure
  • improving joint pain

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Quick Quiz
Tai chi is thought to have originated in China more than 200 years ago. True or false?