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How to celebrate the holidays safely with friends and family this year
Wednesday, 25 November · 2 min read

Celebrating the holidays with loved ones may feel all the more important this year, but as the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering if — and how — you can celebrate safely. Here's what to keep in mind.

Check restrictions
You’ll first need to check what restrictions are in place where you live. According to Sally Bloomfield, Honorary Professor at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the safest way to celebrate with people from outside your household is virtually, using platforms like Zoom or FaceTime.

Set rules if hosting
If you’d like to host an event and invite people who aren’t in your household, you should limit the number of people you invite (check local guidelines) and how long you socialise with them for, says Bloomfield.

It’s also important to follow rules around staying safe and reducing your risk of spreading or catching the virus. This means you and your guests should:

  • socialise outdoors, if possible
  • wear a face mask when indoors
  • practise social distancing (keep a 2-metre distance from others where possible)
  • wash your hands with soap regularly
  • open windows to help ventilate rooms

Before the day, it's also important to ask the people you're inviting whether they have been diagnosed with the virus or have symptoms. If they have, they should stay home.

If visiting others, assess the situation
If you travel to visit others, assess the people you’re going to be with and the environment you’re going to be in before you go so you know what the risks are. You should also consider what risks you may encounter along the way, and how you'll deal with them. 

Limit contact after the celebrations
If you celebrate the holidays with people who live outside your household, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends you limit contact with others for 14 days afterwards to be safe.

You should also stay in contact with everyone who attended and let them know if anyone reports having symptoms.

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