Choosing a workout soundtrack (or not)
Friday, 26 February · 1 min read

Music or silence – what do you prefer when exercising? Happily, there are benefits to both.

Music can lift your mood, energise you and make you want to move. Sing along and you’ll get extra benefits – singing can reduce stress, boost your immune system, improve lung function, up your pain threshold and help with mental health. Music can also result in longer exercise sessions.

But for some of us, music can be a distraction while exercising. There’s also some evidence to suggest that practising quiet mindfulness while exercising can help us make a stronger mind-body connection. How can you do this? Try counting how many breaths you take either by time or by milestone. If your mind drifts, don’t worry, just start again. The more you practise mindfulness, the more instinctive it becomes.

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