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Celebrating Thanksgiving? Here are 6 ways to stay healthy
Thursday, 26 November · 2 min read

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks but it’s also a time for feasting with friends and family.

This year, the social side of the day may be different, with people encouraged to gather virtually or minimally — but the food is still likely to be plentiful.

And with so much food on offer, it can be easy to overeat and be left feeling bloated and tired. Eating too much can also put you at risk of weight gain.

But you can reduce your chances of this happening and take care of your health by making a few simple changes to how you celebrate. You can:

  • eat smaller meals more regularly during the day as this can help you stay full and limit how much you need to eat during the Thanksgiving meal
  • swap unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones — you could use low-fat milk in your mashed potatoes instead of butter and full-fat milk, or make your own cranberry sauce instead of buying it (shop-bought cranberry sauce is likely high in sugar)
  • skip the turkey skin as this is high in saturated fat — you could still cook the turkey with the skin on to keep it moist but remove it when you carve portions
  • drink plenty of water — aim for at least 6 to 8 glasses during the day. You may need to drink more than this if you’re also drinking alcohol to help prevent dehydration
  • limit alcohol — alcohol is high in calories and can be bad for your health. You could sip lower-strength or smaller alcoholic drinks, or add mixers like soda water to your drink if you want to have alcohol
  • stay active — head out for a walk after your Thanksgiving meal or do some exercise early in the day. This can help you feel energised and sleep better when the celebrations come to an end
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