Supercharge your daily walk and turn it into a workout
Thursday, 28 January · 1 min read

Good news: walking is a great form of exercise. As long as you walk at a decent pace, even just 10 or 20 minutes counts towards the 150 minutes of exercise a week recommended by the World Health Organization.

Walking offers health benefits for your mind and body, including improving mood, reducing stress and lowering your risk of conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes.

But while any brisk walking is good for you, you can tweak your daily walk to get even more out of it.

On your next walk, try one of these for an effective walking workout:

  • vary the pace with intervals – walk at a normal pace for 2 minutes, walk at an increased pace for 3 minutes, then repeat
  • incorporate inclines – climb the stairs at your local park, or tackle a steep hill
  • carry weights – a small weight of about 2kg in each hand can help you tone your arms and burn more calories

Top tip: Wear supportive, comfortable shoes such as trainers or walking books to really put a spring in your step.

Quick Quiz
The world is roughly 25,000 miles in circumference. How long would it take a person walking nonstop to walk around the world?