Worried about sending your kids to school? Here's what to keep in mind
Friday, 28 August · 2 min read

As schools in some parts of the world reopen following closures earlier this year, you may be worried about what this means for you and your family.

It’s natural for parents to have concerns about sending their kids to school during the pandemic — but there are things you can do to help relieve any doubts you may have.

You can:

  • read any information the school shares about measures it will have in place to reduce the risk of your child catching the virus
  • speak to the school's principal or headteacher if you think they could be doing more
  • consider the advantages and disadvantages of sending your child back to school versus keeping them at home
  • talk to your child about what they'll need to do at school to help keep themselves and others safe — this may include social distancing and washing their hands regularly
  • learn to manage your own anxiety as your child will feed off it
  • speak with other parents who are in the same position to see how they plan to tackle the months ahead

It’s also important to keep your child at home and inform the school if they develop symptoms of coronavirus, such as a cough, high temperature or any changes to their sense of taste or smell.

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