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Finding it harder to focus? Try this to sharpen your mind
Monday, 28 September · 2 min read

If you’re feeling stressed or having sleepless nights due to the pandemic — maybe over worries about work, money or loneliness — you might be finding it hard to concentrate.

However, you can improve your focus quickly by doing something energetic. Research shows that exercise can improve your mood and brain power immediately. Try going for a brisk walk or bike ride.

If you feel overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you, make a list of what you need to do and work out which are most urgent. This may help you focus on the quality, rather than the quantity, of your work.

Sleeping poorly can also make it hard to focus. If you've slept badly for several nights in a row, you might find that your brain feels foggy and it’s harder to make decisions.

To help improve focus during the day, try:

  • taking a lunch break, so you can split your day into more manageable chunks
  • practising simple breathing exercises, to help you feel calmer and more relaxed
  • cutting out caffeine — caffeine may interfere with good sleep
  • getting more exercise during the day — this can help you sleep better at night
  • having a bath before bed, to help you unwind and prepare for sleep

Finding it hard to focus could also be a sign of a health issue like vitamin D deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome or an anxiety disorder. Make sure you see a doctor if you're worried about your symptoms.

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