Are dietary supplements worth taking?
Saturday, 29 August · 1 min read

Many people take some form of dietary supplement, but do all those pills, powders and liquids really improve your health?

Supplements can be helpful if you're finding it hard to get enough of a certain nutrient.

For example, pregnant women are advised to take a folic acid supplement because it’s hard to get the high levels they need through a normal diet.

Certain people are also advised to take vitamin D supplements during colder months or if they spend a lot of time indoors.

But most people don't need supplements and can get all the nutrients they need from a healthy and balanced diet.

Foods like fruit and vegetables often contain a variety of essential nutrients — like vitamins and minerals — as well as fibre, which aids digestion and helps to feed the good bacteria in your gut.

And when it comes to nutrients like protein, experts say you can get more than enough by eating lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, tofu, nuts and beans.

Quote of the day

Be the kind of person who takes supplements — then skip the supplements.

Michael Pollan, author

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