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What are the best exercises for a healthy heart?
Friday, 2 October · 1 min read

Exercise is important for good health and wellbeing, but what kind of workout is best for your heart?

According to the British Heart Foundation, it’s important to focus on aerobic exercise. This is exercise that makes you breathe faster and increases your heart rate — causing a boost in circulation and strengthening your heart muscle.

Research shows aerobic exercise can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve blood flow and help maintain a healthy weight.

If lockdowns or restrictions where you live mean you can't visit places such as gyms or swimming pools, there are a range of exercises you can do outside or at home which benefit your heart.

Some good examples include:

  • going for a brisk walk or a jog
  • dancing
  • playing football
  • riding a bike
  • aerobics workouts from an online video
  • climbing stairs

Studies show that strength-training exercises like yoga, pilates or weightlifting can also benefit your heart and reduce your risk of conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

But you’ll need to create an exercise routine that combines these with other forms of aerobic exercise to make sure that your heart stays as healthy as possible.

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Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.

Gene Tunney, boxer

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