Is stress draining your energy? 5 ways to restore it
Wednesday, 2 September · 1 min read

Does it feel like the stress of daily life has sucked up all your energy?

Maybe you’re working long hours, juggling a career and a family or going through a major life change such as moving house.

Whatever the reason, stress uses up a lot of energy. It can weigh heavily on your mind and lead to poor sleep or insomnia, leaving you exhausted during the day.

Over time, this can cause damage to your health.

But there are things you can do to manage stress better, which may help to restore your energy levels. You can try:

  • being more active — exercise can help to clear your mind
  • listening to music — this can lower your heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels
  • mindfulness or breathing exercises
  • connecting with others — share your stress and concerns with friends and family
  • making time to do things you enjoy
Quote of the day

In a year you’ll barely remember why you felt so stressed, so why stress about it now?


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