How keeping a sleep diary can improve your slumber
Thursday, 3 June · 2 min read

Do you toss and turn at night, but can’t work out why? And do you sometimes struggle to get off to sleep for no obvious reason?

Poor sleep is common, but working out how to improve it isn’t always easy.

Tracking your sleep with a sleep diary can help you identify what may be keeping you awake, and give you the tools to improve it.

To keep track of your sleep each night, try adding notes into your Healthily app. Just head to the homepage, tap the ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen and then choose ‘Add note’.

Things you might want to track in your sleep diary include:

  • the time you go to bed
  • the time you wake up
  • how long it takes you to fall asleep
  • how many times you woke during the night and how long it took you to get back to sleep
  • how many naps you take each day and for how long
  • the quality of your sleep
  • when you have alcohol, caffeine, and/or tobacco and how much
  • any medications you’re taking
  • how much exercise you’ve done

If you’re having sleep issues, it’s a good idea to keep a diary for a few weeks to help you spot any patterns. This means you can share your notes with a doctor if you can’t work out the problem on your own.

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