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How to avoid a hangover on New Year’s Day
Thursday, 31 December · 1 min read

Of course, the easiest way to avoid the pain of a hangover is to avoid alcohol, or only have a couple of drinks. But many people like to celebrate the New Year with a drink, so you may be interested to know how to minimise your chances of starting 2021 with a thumping headache and sick stomach. Tips to try include:

  • eating before you drink – especially carbohydrates, such as pasta or rice
  • checking the strength of your drink – the lower the alcohol %, the better
  • having a non-alcoholic drink between each alcoholic drink
  • avoiding keeping up with other people – drink at your own pace
  • drinking water at the start and end of the evening, to keep hydrated
  • avoiding darker drinks, such as bourbon and red wine – they contain chemicals called ‘congeners’, which can cause irritation in the brain
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