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Healthy but quick meals you can enjoy making at home
Thursday, 3 December · 2 min read

Are you fed up with cooking at the moment?

You may have felt motivated by home cooking at the start of the pandemic but it’s understandable if the ongoing situation and the pressures of working from home or childcare have left you feeling uninspired in the kitchen.

While it may seem easier to get a takeaway or ready meal instead, it’s important to remember that most takeaway and prepackaged foods are high in sugar, fat and salt.

So, to help you get back into the swing of things and enjoy home-cooked meals again, here are some quick and healthy meals for you to try.

Overnight oats with fresh fruit
Porridge oats are high in wholegrain and low in sugar, fat and salt. But if you don’t fancy cooking porridge first thing in the morning, why not try overnight oats? Simply combine oats and apple juice and let it sit overnight in the fridge. In the morning, add fresh fruit such as berries, along with honey and low-fat yoghurt.

Get your greens in with a green smoothie
If you need a morning boost of energy why not make a smoothie with spinach? The iron in spinach will keep you energised, and it's packed with other nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin K that help keep your body healthy and strong.

Try homemade soup instead of canned
Readymade soups, such as canned soup, can contain as much salt as a bag of crisps. Try cooking your own from scratch using your favourite vegetables and serve with a slice of wholegrain bread — it’s easier than you think.

Help get your 5-a-day with a Mexican feast
Adding fruit and vegetables to your meals brings you closer to the goal of 5-a-day. Here's a fun and easy recipe for chicken fajitas for you to make at home. If you’d like to try it without meat, why not swap the chicken for tofu or another meat alternative.

Quote of the day

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

Hippocrates, Greek philosopher

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