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Lacking motivation or connections while working remotely? Here are 6 ways to get back on track
Tuesday, 3 November · 2 min read

Remote working may remain in place for some time, especially in countries where coronavirus cases continue to rise.

But working from home in the long term can make you feel isolated or lonely, which can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

It may also leave you lacking motivation, which can affect your productivity and potentially mean you spend more time working.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to balance working from home, says Occupational Psychologist Dr. Angela Carter. “It’s a personal balancing act," she says.

To help you stay connected and motivated in a way that works for you, Dr. Carter suggests you:

1. Set realistic expectations of what you can do at home
Consider the space you have at home, who you share it with and what you may need to work more efficiently, such as equipment or flexible hours. Then discuss these expectations with your manager.

2. Set goals for work to be done over short periods
With these expectations in mind, divide your day into short work sessions and set goals for what you want to achieve in each session. This will help keep track of your progress.

3. Take regular breaks
Take breaks between work sessions to eat regular meals and get outside for exercise. This can help your productivity and wellbeing.

4. Switch off between work sessions
Turn off work alerts and email reminders that may pop up on your phone so you don’t feel you have to respond to work messages. Try not to view or respond to work messages during your breaks.

5. Celebrate when you’ve completed a piece of work
Enjoy the moments when you’ve completed a piece of work you’re proud of or for which you receive positive feedback. This can help boost motivation and your wellbeing while working remotely.

6. Don’t be alone or isolated at work
Talk regularly with colleagues and your manager to get feedback and communicate any issues you may be having with your work or at home.

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