Put pen to paper to reduce stress
Thursday, 4 March · 2 min read

Getting into the habit of writing down how you’re feeling may help improve your mood and lower stress levels.

You don’t need to be a good writer to try journaling, which is less about writing about your day (as you might in a more traditional diary) and more about recording your emotions, feelings and reactions. It's a way to process them and help you reframe how you see things, possibly in a more positive light.

Journaling can also help you identify patterns of feelings and behaviour, as well as triggers that have a negative effect on your mood.

But you don't have to focus solely on the negatives. Writing down the positive feelings and experiences you have throughout the day can help you savour and maximise the good moments and see the balance between positive and negative.

Doing this regularly, over time, can help you manage stress better and improve your general outlook and mood.

And if you're not a fan of pen and paper, why not try the Notes feature in our app. It's a completely private space to write down whatever you want, whenever you want. Head over to the 'check in' section of the app to get started with Notes today.

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