How to fit exercise into a busy day
Tuesday, 4 May · 1 min read

Do you find it difficult to make time for exercise? Breaking it down into manageable chunks could make it easier to reach your activity target.

Walking, dancing or cycling all count as moderate-intensity exercise – basically, any activity that raises your body temperature and gets your heart rate and breathing rate up.

If moderate-intensity exercise is what you prefer, you should aim for 150 minutes a week. If you spread 150 minutes over 7 days, that’s only about 21 minutes each day.

You could break it down further to just over 10 minutes, twice a day. Squeeze in a quick burst over lunch or straight after work – without disrupting your day too much.

Did you know, you can use the Healthily app to track your activity? Go to ‘My account’ then 'My trackers' and choose 'Activity levels'.

Quick Quiz
You’re not able to sing during moderate-intensity exercise. Try or false?