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5 ways to make shopping for Christmas less stressful
Friday, 4 December · 2 min read

Does the thought of Christmas shopping make you feel stressed?

If yes, it may feel even worse this year, as the thought of buying gifts while having to wear a mask and keep a distance in shops could make the process even more overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s 5 ways to make your gift-buying a little less stressful this year.

Get organised with an app

Use a free app like Giftster to write a list of the gifts you need to buy. You can also get people to join the app so you can see their lists and buy an item off their list easily. There’s also a Secret Santa gift exchange feature that makes gift swapping fun and easy.

Shop online

It’s unlikely that shops will be as busy this year, but it may be less stressful - and safer - to shop for what you need online. Remember to allow extra time for shipping and delivery.

Shop early

Try not to leave your Christmas shopping until the last moment. Though life may be busy in the weeks before Christmas, schedule a few hours on a weekend or workday to get a few gifts at a time.

Shop locally

If you want to limit travelling around, especially on public transport, look to your local shops or high street for inspiration. For example, could you make up a hamper as a gift and fill it with produce from your local deli?

Plan ahead

If you do need to visit a few shops, plan ahead. Travel at quieter times of the day or ring a store beforehand to see when their quietest times are. You may also be able to find this out online.

If you do go out shopping, remember to follow these tips on how to stay safe while shopping.

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