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Is it possible to drink too much water?
Saturday, 4 July · 2 min read

You may not think it’s possible to drink too much water -- but it is, and it’s called overhydration.

This happens when you drink or retain more water than your kidneys can get rid of in your pee. Excess water then dilutes the sodium levels in your blood, pushing them to such low levels that brain swelling may occur, which can be fatal.

But overhydration is rare.

It tends to be more common in endurance athletes and people running long distances, like marathons. This is becuse they drink a lot of fluids when they exercise.

However, it’s still important not to drink too much water. As a general rule, drink water -- or other fluids that contain water, like fruit juice -- when you feel thirsty.

The UK's National Health Service recommends drinking 6 to 8 glasses of fluids each day -- this includes water, low fat milk and sugar-free drinks (including tea and coffee).

But you may need to drink more if you’re doing exercise or the weather is hot or humid.

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