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Have you felt your mental health get worse in recent weeks? Here's how to cope
Sunday, 5 July · 2 min read

A recent survey by UK mental health charity Mind found that 68% of young people and 60% of adults said their mental health declined during lockdown.

The survey also found that people with existing problems were more likely to see their mental health get worse.

Reasons for this included not being able to go outside and see other people, and concerns over loved ones getting coronavirus. Boredom was a particular cause among young people, affecting 83% of them.

If your mental health has been impacted in recent weeks, you may find it helps to:

  • speak to friends and family regularly about how you feel
  • take each day as it comes
  • do things you enjoy
  • stay active - exercise can help to improve mood and sleep
  • practice deep breathing to help ease any stress or anxiety
  • ask for help if you need it - if you feel overwhelmed, confide in someone you trust
  • limit your alcohol intake as the effects of drinking may make you feel worse
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